Stephen Cabell


Stephen Cabell (b. 1984) is a New York-based composer of sonically engaging and arrestingly wrought music that attempts to grab the listener from the very first moments and never lets go. His artistic mission is to write music that can be understood and appreciated by both casual and expert listeners.


  • Instrumentation: 3(III=pic) - - timp.perc (3) - hrp - pno.cel - strings
  • Duration: 9 minutes
  • Completed: 2009


LUX exists in a dream-like state. The image I had when writing the piece was that of a disembodied spirit (the listener) floating through a large, cavernous but ornate space like a cathedral. Coming from within the space around the spirit are individual voices wandering, disconnected from their surroundings. 

But as the spirit progresses through this space the voices begin to merge into a common consonance, growing and intensifying until one voice consumes the sonic space. As the voices around the spirit reach a climax, they explode into a cacophony of dissonance, propelled by the energy amassed behind them. They swirl out of control until they destroy themselves and the structure that contains them. LUX is essentially an ascension to light followed by a violent plunge to darkness and annihilation.

-Stephen Cabell

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